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Hi, My name is Lan, and I am from Can Tho, Vietnam. I have a passion for English and teaching English for Vietnamese students. I am the founder of the Tiny Corner English Cafe in Can Tho and the English Centre called "Talk to Miss Lan". I've got my Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the Australian Tesol Training Centre (ATTC) In Sydney Australia. With CELTA, I am an internationally qualified English teacher who can teach anywhere in the world. I am glad to hear some people said I have American accent. Well, some also said my accent is more like British accent. I am really thankful for that. No matter what type of accent I am speaking, what I am trying to do is to help people speak English as natural as possible by using the right teaching/learning approaches and practices. I always believe Vietnamese teachers know their students better, and I think I do, too. Hope you enjoy my channel and don't forget to SHARE for more!