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Hi các em,

IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 dễ nhất trong phần SPEAKING, nhưng nếu không chuẩn bị kỹ và có phương pháp thì các em khó có thể lấy điểm phần này.

Các phần trong "42 TOPICS FOR IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 & SUGGESTED ANSWERS" sẽ giúp các em chuẩn bị tốt hơn.

Phần 14: MUSIC , COLOURS . 

Chúc các em thành công! 




1.   Do you have a favourite teacher?


2.   Why do you like the teacher?


3.   How does (did) this teacher help you?


4.   Do you think you could be a teacher?


5.   Would you like to be a teacher?


My favourite teacher was my physics teacher whose name was Mr. Zhang in my middle school. He was the most influential teacher I had ever had. He told us a lot of physical background knowledge to encourage and motivate us because physics was quite complicated for us. I still remembered that he frequently gave us articulate speeches that the physics was the gymnastics for the brain, which inspired my enthusiasm to learn it well.


I don't think I am suitable to be a teacher, I am not a patient man and cannot bear to repeat the same things frequently. Teachers' job is really boring to me, you have to make your explanations as easy as possible for students to fully understand. It is a challenging job, I am afraid I cannot do it.


Being in a hurry


When was your last time you did something in a hurry?


Do you like to finish things quickly?


What kind of things do you never do in hurry?


Why do people make mistakes when they are in hurry?



My last time I was in a hurry was the time I rushed to school in a morning for final exam, because I woke up so late


I guess when people are working, for example if a doctor is doing an operation a slight mistake might be vital to the patient. Also if a person is taking a test obviously they should concentrate

 or they might make mistakes


 No, I don't like to make things quickly because I will not concentrate or I might make mistakes.




Being alone


1.   Do you like to be alone?


2.   What do you like to do when you are alone?


3.   Do you like to spend time with your friends or just stay at home on your own?


4.   When was the last time you were being alone?


Yes, I'd like to stay alone for some period of time if I have to do something without interruption.


But if I have spare time, I would prefer stay with my friends to enjoy the free time.


I really enjoy being alone in the weekend morning, reading some books and playing computer games. During that time, I can do something I am interested in, and don't have to think about how to brace for the coming problems.


Well, if I were to choose between the two, I will probably go with hanging out with my close friends because you need to be sociable in the society and friendship really adds spice to my life; whereas, you know, spending too much being alone is really boring and terrible.


The last time I stayed alone at home was when my wife went on business trip with my child for several days, so I was living, eating, sleeping at home with myself. It's quite quiet so I can do something at ease.




Team work


1.      When was your last time worked with a team


2.      Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself?


3.      What's the most important thing for teamwork?


4.      Do you like to be a leader?


It was the project I did in a team in the second year of my graduate school. Our tutor gave us an assignment to review the server log of an international trade website and give a brief analytics using the data warehouse and data mining technology.


Personally, I would like to work in a team because I'll have partner to shoulder responsibility together and solve problems better, as the saying goese " 4 eyes see better than 2"


 I think the most important thing for teamwork is task appointment. Every member of team is assigned for specific tasks and he or she should stick to that. Besides team spirit is equally important


Honestly, I would like to be a leader. That position reflects my constant effort that I've done so far in job, and I can win other's respect as well




1.      Would you like to live in the countryside in the future?


2.      What do people living in the countryside like to do?


3.      What are the benefits of living in rural areas?


4.      What are the differences between living in the city and the countryside?


Absolutely ! I'm a huge fan of going to going to the forest. The environment there is just superb. Every now and them I would visit a forest just because there isn't that much pollution so I could smell the fresh air. Also the animals there are also quite cute - especially some colourful birds.


Living in the countryside, people can enjoy various activities that they hardly have in cities like going out at night without fear of street criminals, doing exercise in the early morning to enjoy the fresh air


Living in the countryside can definitely benefit people in a number of ways. For onething, it's good for


one's health condition thanks to significantly lower levels of pollution. It is undeniable that, air quality in big cities is so bad that long-term exposure to it may cause respiratory diseases and other health problems. Besides, the cost of living in rural areas is likely to be lower than that in cities.


However, Many people have been attracted to live and work in big cities because of better employment opportunities and higher living standards.





Social network


1.      What kinds of social networking websites do you like to use?


2.      Are you a social person?


3.      What kinds of people do you like to make friends with on those websites?


4.      Is it clear to find real friends on social network?

 It's undeniable that social networking sites have become a huge part in our lives, especially young people's. and so am I. I am addicted to Facebook and Google Plus


I suppose I am out-going and kind of socialized. I have many friends on facebook and can easily get along well with others


I would love to make friends with people who have same interests like mine in music, travelling and learning English


I think no, most of friends I have on facebook are normal friends, it is common that people just make friends for fun and do not interact or share things a lot on social websites.


Hanging out with friends


1.   How often do you like to hang out with friends?


2.   Who do you usually like to hang out with?


3.   Where do you like to go when you hang out with your friends?


4.   Do you like to go out with a big group or just few friends?


I hang out with my friends to somewhere from time to time. Normally if we have lots of time in the weekends, we will go to the cinema to watch movies with our kids to have a good time; but if we don't have plenty of time, we'll just have dinner together in a restaurant.


Usually I'd like to hang out with one of my close friends. Actually we live in the same community so we can meet frequently. Besides, both of our kids are in the same class in the kindergarten, so we'd like to take them to the park or playground together.


Well, that depends. We sometimes go to the restaurants to enjoy the tasty food if someone finds a decent place; and if we have plenty of time, we'd like to plan a hike or camp in the nearby forest park to enjoy the natural life. That would be a very memorable experience.


Well, if I were to choose between the two, I will probably go with hanging out with a big group people because I feel that I am an extrovert, I like to meet different people to know about different kinds of life and make myself more sociable; whereas, you know, with few people around, it would be hard to find something interesting to do, such as travelling, hiking, etc.









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