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I. Pronunciation:

1.    A. clear                B. fear                    C. hear                   D. wear

2.    A. clothing            B. cloth                  C. grow                  D. most

3.    A. show                B. flower                C. power                D. tower

4.    A. chair                B. match                C. watch                 D. machine

5.    A. enough             B. plough                C. cough                 D. laugh

II. Find the one choice that best completes the sentence:

1.The national dress of Japanese women is _____ (ao dai/kimono/ jeans/sari)

2.Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese ________  (poem/poetry/poet/ poetic)

3.The Ao dai is the _______dress of Vietnamese women.(baggy/beautiful/casual/traditional)

4.He was a _______. He had a large of musical instruments.(poet/writer/ musician/ sailor)

5.It’s not _________to call anyone at night.(equal/convenient  /difficult/economic)

6._______have fashion designers done to modernize the Ao dai ?( How/Why/What/ Where)

7.What will you _______at her birthday party?(change/grow/put/wear)

8.Young ______is fond of wearing Jeans.(generation/inspiration/ women/ students)

9.In the 18th century jean cloth was mad completely from _____(material/silk/cotton/wool)

10._____want to change the traditional Ao dai.(Vietnamese women/Young workers/ College students/      Fashion designers)

III. Supply the correct word form:

1.       These clothes look very modern and ______________________.                         (fashion)

2.       He always wears a _____________________shirt.                                             (stripe)

3.       Many designers have taken _____________________from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.(inspire)

4.       _____________________the Ao dai was frequently worn by both men and women.(tradition)

5.       What is your ______________________type of clothing?                                    (favor)

6.       Some young people today have a very strange _____________________.              (appear)

7.       He is a very famous ______________________.                                                          (music)

8.       Some designers have ________________the Ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it.(modern)

9.       The _____________________of jeans stopped growing.                                      (sell)

10.       I don’t like wearing a ______________________sweater.                                    (sleeve)

IV. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

1.    He ________________________in an apartment in District 5 for ten years.                    (live)

2.    Millions of Christmas cards ________________________last year.                      (send)

3.    Wearing uniforms helps students ______________________equal in many ways. (feel)

4.    Rice ______________________in tropical countries.                                          (grow)

5.    You ______________________dinner yet?                                                        (eat)

6.    I __________________________English since I graduated from university.           (teach

7.    It’s dangerous ________________________in this river.                                     (swim)

8.    I ________________________to her party last night.                                          (invite)

9.    Water can’t ________________________here.                                                   (find)

10.    She hates _________________________at.                                                        (laugh)

V. Change the following sentences into the Passive:

1.    My sister gave me a new pair of jeans on my fifteenth birthday.

2.    The workers are building a supermarket on our street.

3.    The zoo keepers feed the animals twice a day.

4.    They have sold their car to pay their debt.

5.    We are going to grow flowers in the garden.

6.    You mustn’t touch this button while the experiment is in progress.

7.    Someone will blow a whistle if there is an emergency.

8.    Did people make jeans two hundred years ago?

9.    We don’t use this kind of cloth to make shirts.

10.    You should pay your bill before you leave the hotel.

VI. READING: Levi's Blue Jeans

Do you enjoy wearing Levi's blue jeans?  Blue jeans have become popular all over the world, but do you know how they got started?  Read on to find out...

Levi Strauss was born in Germany in the mid 1800's and emigrated to the United States as a young man.  He lived in New York City and learned the dry-goods business for several years.  In 1853 he took his knowledge and his dreams to San Francisco (California., USA.)  His dream to succeed came true over the next 20 years as he became a very successful businessman.

Many of Levi Strauss' customers were cowboys and miners.  They needed clothing that was strong and durable.  Strauss found a special fabric from France that was comfortable and lasted a long time.  It was called "serge de Nimes," which was later shortened to the word denim.

Another man named Jacob Davis bought large amounts of the denim fabric from Levi Strauss.  He was a tailor who made pants for hard-working men.  One of his customers was continually tearing the pockets off his pants.  So Jacob Davis decided to put rivets on certain parts of the pants to make them stronger.  The customer loved the new pants so much that he told all his friends, and soon Jacob Davis was busy making lots of pants with rivets.

Jacob Davis soon realized that using rivets was a great business idea, and he didn't want anybody to steal that idea.  He decided that he would need to get a patent.  But being a poor tailor, he didn't have enough money to pay for the patent.  After thinking it over, he went to the businessman Levi Strauss and told him his idea.  He said, "If you agree to pay for the patent, we will share the profits from the riveted pants."  Levi Strauss did agree, and the new riveted pant business was called Levi Strauss and Company.  Today Levi's jeans are more popular than ever, and Levi's name continues to live on.

True or False.  Check your answers below

1.  Levi Strauss was born in 1853.

2.  Levi Strauss wanted to become a great businessman.

3.  Levi Strauss sewed pants in his business.

4.  Jacob Davis sewed pants in his business.

5.  Jacob David used denim to make pants.

6.  Jacob Davis put rivets in pants because they looked good.

7. Levis strauss didn’t want to pay for Jacob Davis’s patent.


8. Levis strauss and jacob David became business patners.


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