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Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH - Phân ban

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) cho mỗi chỗ trống từ 1

đến 5.

Ann Johnson has worked at this college for three years. She is a responsible employee and gets on well with the other members of the department. We have all found her to be an excellent (1)______. She is always on time for work. She is an extremely (2)______ staff member who is able to work independently. I can always rely on her creative thinking. Her students often tell me how kind she is. She is always ready to help with a smile and she is cheerful to all of them. In private, she is not very talkative (3)______ seems rather shy. Her work is excellent, and she is determined to (4)______. She is also quite ambitious and has applied for the position of Director of Studies. I think that you can count (5)______ Ann to make your school a success and I recommend her for the post of Director.

Câu 1: A. colleague B. student     C. employer    D. adult

Câu 2: A. lazy         B. reliable     C. selfish        D. stubborn

Câu 3: A. therefore B. and          C. as              D. so

Câu 4: A. fail          B. help         C. use            D. succeed

Câu 5: A. with        B. to            C. on             D. for

Chọn phương án đúng (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) để diễn đạt đúng nghĩa mỗi câu sau.

Câu 6: We must take steps to preserve natural resources; otherwise the planet will be in danger.

A. Unless we take steps to preserve natural resources, the planet will not be in danger.

B. Unless we take steps to preserve natural resources, the planet will be in danger.

C. If we take steps to preserve natural resources, the planet will be in danger.

D. If we take steps to preserve natural resources, the planet would be in danger.

Câu 7: “I would study English if I were you,” Mai’s friend said.

A. Mai’s friend advised her to study English.

B. Mai’s friend advised her to have studied English.

C. Mai told her friend to study English.

D. Mai’s friend said that she was like Mai.

Câu 8: What an excellent job she did!

A. She didn’t do the job well. B. What kinds of job did she do?

C. What is an excellent job?        D. She did a very good job.

Câu 9: He asked, "Why didn't she take the final exam?"

A. He asked why she took the final exam.

B. He asked why hadn't she taken the final exam.

C. He asked why she hadn't taken the final exam.

D. He asked why didn't she take the final exam.

Câu 10: The car was so expensive that I didn't buy it.

A. The car was too expensive for me to buy.

B. The car was such expensive that I didn't buy it.

C. The car was cheap enough for me to buy.

D. The car was not so cheap that I couldn’t buy it.

Xác định từ/cụm từ có gạch dưới (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) cần phải sửa để những câu sau trở

thành chính xác.

Câu 11: Have you finished reading the book which I lend you last week?    A                  B                    C           D

Câu 12: The boy is so young to drive that lorry.

       A         B           C           D

Câu 13: The room is so dirty that it needs clean without delay.

        A                      B       C                D

Câu 14: She was waiting nervous in the waiting room for the interview.        A             B                  C               D

Câu 15: Bob's father had him to repeat the poem many times.

         A                            B         C                       D

Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) cho mỗi câu từ 16 đến 20.

Most people are afraid of sharks, but they usually do not know very much about them. There are more than 350 kinds of sharks, and all of them are meat eaters. Sharks are useful because they eat sick fish and keep the oceans clean. Sharks do not have ears. However, they can "hear" sounds and movements in the water. Any sound or movement makes the water vibrate. Sharks can feel these vibrations, which help them find food. They also use their large eyes to find food. Most sharks see best in dim light. They often hunt for food at dawn, in the evening, or in the middle of the night. Scientists want to learn more about sharks for several reasons. For example, cancer is common in many animals, especially in people. However, it is rare in sharks. Scientists want to find out why sharks almost never get cancer. Maybe this information can help people prevent cancer too.

Câu 16: According to the pasage, sharks are useful because ______.

A. they eat fish                          B. they are meat eaters

C. they clean the oceans              D. they are very big

Câu 17: Sharks can find food because they can ______.

A. feel vibrations and see with their large eyes

B. hear very well with their large ears

C. feel vibrations and hear with their ears

D. see with their eyes and hear with their ears

Câu 18: Most sharks hunt for food at night because ______.

A. other fish are sleeping            B. there is more food then

C. they are hungry at night          D. they see best in dim light

Câu 19: According to the passage, research on sharks may help ______.

A. people know how to prevent cancer

B. people find a cure for AIDS

C. sharks live longer

D. animals prevent cancer

Câu 20: The best title of this passage could be ______.

A. “Sharks - The Cancer Preventing Animals”

B. “Sharks - The Useful Animals”

C. “Sharks - The Dangerous Animals”

D. “Sharks - The Meat Eaters”

Chọn từ/cụm từ thích hợp (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau.

Câu 21: It’s very ______ of you to help me.

A. kind             B. well              C. happy           D. glad

Câu 22: I’m sorry to be the one _______ the news to you.

A. break            B. breaks           C. broke            D. to break

Câu 23: English is a ______ easy language to learn.

A. comparative B. comparable C. comparedD. comparatively

Câu 24: We’ll be late ______ we hurry.

A. if                 B. when            C. unless           D. despite

Câu 25: Mary always takes great care ______ her children.

A. to                 B. of                 C. for               D. with

Câu 26: Could you ______ me how to use this new mobile phone?

A. direct            B. explain          C. show            D. say

Câu 27: He ______ to the last meeting, but he didn't.

A. must go                                B. had gone      

C. should have gone                   D. would go

Câu 28: Ann: Do you think you’ll get the job?

Mary: _______.

A. Yes, that’s right                     B. I think not    

C. I know so                              D. Well, I hope so

Câu 29: David: "Happy Christmas!"

Jason: "______"

A. The same to you!                   B. You are the same!

C. Happy Christmas with you!     D. Same for you!

Câu 30: The librarian told us not ______ reference books out of the library.

A. to take          B. took              C. taking           D. take

Câu 31: My handbag was stolen ______ we were playing tennis.

A. while            B. after             C. before           D. during

Câu 32: Don't worry! By the time you arrive tomorrow, we ______ the work.

A. will finish                             B. would finish

C. will have finished                  D. have finished

Câu 33: I find it quite ______ to talk in front of a group of people.

A. embarrassed                          B. embarrassingly

C. embarrassment                       D. embarrassing

Câu 34: Gordon wants to look his best at the wedding so he's ______.

A. having made a suit                 B. to get made a suit

C. having a suit made                 D. make a suit

Câu 35: All flights have been cancelled ______ bad weather.

A. because         B. due               C. owing to       D. thanks

Câu 36: Do you really ______ me to believe you?

A. plan              B. think             C. expect           D. wait

Câu 37: As soon as you ______ all your homework, you will be allowed to go out.

A. have done     B. are doing       C. had done       D. did

Câu 38: ______ hard I have ever worked, I do not get good salary.

A. If                                         B. However      

C. Provided that                                     D. Nevertheless

Câu 39: While I ______ along the road, I saw a friend of mine.

A. had cycled     B. cycled       C. have cycled D. was cycling

Câu 40: Mary doesn’t mind living _____ her own.

A. on                B. by                C. with             D. at

Câu 41: Her parents would not be upset if she ______ harder.

A. will work      B. works           C. is working     D. worked

Câu 42: Oliver used to go fishing and ______.

A. I did not       B. so did me      C. so did I         D. so I did

Câu 43: We have studied hard ______ we will be well prepared for the examination.

A. in case          B. so that           C. because         D. since

Câu 44: The woman ______ son is studying at Hanoi University of Technology is a teacher.

A. who              B. which           C. whose           D. whom

Câu 45: I will never forget _______ you have just told me.

A. what                         B. why              C. which           D. when

Chọn từ (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với những từ còn lại

trong mỗi câu sau.

Câu 46: A. forced       B. caused        C. worked   D. stopped

Câu 47: A. rough       B. tough         C. enough   D. though

Câu 48: A. mine         B. file            C. mile       D. machine

Câu 49: A. food         B. good          C. noodle    D. moon

Câu 50: A. thank        B. those          C. threat      D. thin

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