Question 1:

A. delays

B. begins

C. attracts

D. believes

Question 2:

A. improves

B. destroys

C. suggests

D. reminds

Question 3:

A. attacks

B. medals

C. concerns

D. fingers

Question 4:

A. wonders

B. mountains

C. problems

D. moments

Question 5:

A. comprises

B. washes

C. catches

D. goes

Question 6:

A. passed

B. stretched

C. comprised

D. washed

Question 7:

A. wanted

B. booked

C. stopped

D. laughed

Question 8:

A. behaved

B. washed

C. clicked

D. approached

Question 9:

A. smiled

B. denied

C. divorced

D. agreed

Question 10:

A. tested

B. clapped

C. planted

D. demanded

Question 11: “stuck”

A. bị kẹt

B. trừ

C. niềm say mê

D. quay số

Question 12:  “ambitious”

A. nhiều tham vọng

B. nguồn gốc

C. nhân đạo

D. điển hình

Question 13: “sự quyết tâm”

A. demonstration

B. determination

C. exhibition

D. opposition

 Question 14: “đẹp như tranh”

A. photogenic

B. photography

C. picturesque

D. miraculous

Question 15: Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với “gradually”

A. increasingly

B. slowly

C. regularly

D. decreasingly

Question 16: The earth ….. round the sun

A. go

B. went

C. has gone

D. goes

Question 17: She ……………..Italian for 5 years

A. has learnt

B. learns

C. is learning

D. learned

Question 18: At 5 o’clock yesterday evening, I ……. my clothes

A. am ironing

B. have ironed

C. was ironing

D. ironed

Question 19: Since ………., I have heard nothing from him.

A .he had left

B. he left

C. he has left

D. he was left

Question 20: I have never played badminton before. This is the first time I…..

A. try

B. tried

C. am trying

D. have tried

Question 21: For several years his ambition ………. To be a pilot

A. is

B. was

C. has been

D. had been

Question 22: Henry ……….. into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.

A. was going

B. went

C. did go

D. has gone

Question 23: Jack …….the door.

A. has just opened

B. will have opened

C. open

D. opening

Question 24: I will come and see you before I ……….. for America

A. leave

B. have left

C. will leave

D. shall leave

Question 24: Columbus ………. American more than 400 years ago.

A. discovered

B. had discovered

C. has discovered

D. he has gone

Question 25: I ………in the room now.

A. am being

B. have been being

C. am

D. was being

Question 26: After he …… his English course, he went to England to continue his study.

A. has finish

B. was finished

C. had finished

D. would finish

Question 27: The Chinese …… spaghetti dishes for a long time before Marco Polo ….. back to Italy.

A. made - brought

B. made -  had brought

C. have made - brought

D. had been making - brought

Question 28: In the 19th century, travelling ….. much easier and  more comfortable.

A. become

B. became

C. has become

D. will become

Question 29: Yesterday my daughter flew in an airplane for the first time in her life. She ……..….. in an airplane before.

A. has never flown

B. had never flown

C. was never flying

D. had flown

Question 30: Yesterday I ……… in the park when I saw Dick playing football.

A. was walking

B. has walked

C. is walking

D. has been walking

Question 31: I ……….writing my report in an hour or so. Then we can go to a movie

A. finish

B. have finished

C. finished

D. will finish

Question 32:  I couldn’t cut the grass because the lawn mover …… a few days previously.

A. broke down

B. has been broken

C. had broken down

D. breaks down

Question 33: Peter ….. for her wife’s letter since last Friday. Now he hasn’t received yet.

A. was waiting

B. waited

C. has been waiting

D. waits

Question 34: Most people ….. being disturbed while they ……

A. don’t like/are working

B. like / worked

C. would like/worked

D. don’t like/didn’t like

Question 35: The robber ….. sure that no one ….. before he crept through the window

A. may think

B. thought

C. are thought

D. will be thinking

Question 36:  Eight years ago we started writing to each other.

A. We have rarely written to each other for eight years.

B. Eight years is a long time for us to write to each other.

C. We wrote to each other eight years ago.

D. We have been writing to each other for eight years.

Question 37: My father is tired of seeing any violent films.

A. My father hasn’t seen a violent film.

B. My father has enjoyed all the violent films he has ever seen.

C. My father is worried about missing the next violent film.

D. My father never wants to see another violent film.

Question 37: Kate completed her higher education. She then decided to travel the world before getting the job.

A. Without completing her higher education, Kate decided to travel the world before getting the job.

B. Given that Kate decided to travel the world before getting the job, she completed her higher education.

C. Having completed her higher education, Kate decided to travel the world before getting the job.

D. Kate had scarcely travelled the world before getting a job when she completed her higher education.

Question 38: My friend has stopped eating fast food.

A. My friend sometimes eats fast food.

B. My friend doesn’t like eating fast food.

C. My friend no longer eats fast food.

D. My friend has never eaten fast food.

Question 39: She wasn’t early enough to catch the bus.

A. She wasn’t late for the bus.

B. She didn’t arrive late for the bus.

C. She arrived too early for the bus.

D. She was too late to catch the bus

Question 40: It usually takes her an hour to drive to work.

A. She usually spends an hour driving to work.

B. She doesn’t usually drive to work in an hour.

C. She used to drive to work in an hour

D. She never spends an hour driving to work.