181 09/07/2019

(All correct answers are A)

1.      You are late. If you …… a few minutes earlier, you …… him.

A. came / would meet                                              B. had come / would have met

C. come / will meet                                      D. had come / would meet

2.      I’d gone swimming yesterday afternoon if I …… time.

A. had had                 B. have had               C. had                         D. would have had

3.      What would you do if you …… a million pounds?

A. won                                    B. win                         C. will win                 D. had won

4.      If you didn’t do this, you …… punished.

A. are                          B. will be                   C. should                   D. would be

5.      If he had told me the truth, I …… him.

A. would have not punished                                   B. would not have punished

C. would not punish                                     D. will not punish

6.      If they had not given me advice, I …… again.

A. would have failed                                               B. would fail

C. would have been failed                          D. wouldn’t fail

7.      If it ……, the match will be postponed

A. rains                      B. has rained             C. is raining               D. will rain

8.      Bill …… more photographs if he …… more film.

A. would have taken / had had                   B. would have taken / had

C. would take / has had                               D. would take / had had     

9.      If there …… no floods last year, the crop …… better.

A. had been / would have been                  B. were / would be

C. had / would have been                            D. was / would have been

10. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I …… it.

A. would never have believed                               B. don’t believe

C. hadn’t believed                                        D. can’t believe

11. If I …… you, I’d get some rest before the game tomorrow.

A. were                       B. could be                C. am                          D. had been

12. If someone …… into the store, smile and say, “May I help you?”

A. comes                    B. came                      C. come                      D. could come

13. If I had a chance to do creative work, I …… happy working in an office.

A. would be               B. will be                   C. would have                       D. will feel

14. …… you, I’d think twice about that decision.

A. Were I                   B. If I had been         C. Should I be                       D. If I am

15. If they …… soon, I’m not going to wait.

A. don’t come                       B. won’t come                       C. hadn’t come         D. didn’t come

16. If I …… hungry, I …… something. But I am not hungry now.

      A were / would eat.                                      B. had been / would have eaten

C. had been / would eat                               D. were / would have eaten

17. You won’t pass the examination …… you study more.

A. unless                    B. as                            C. if                             D. whether

18. I’m playing tennis tomorrow …… it’s raining.

A. unless                    B. if                             C. as long as              D. provided

19. Tell him to ring me if you …… him.

A. see                         B. saw                         C. have seen              D. had seen

20. Unless she ……, she’ll be late.

A. hurries                   B. didn’t hurry                      C. hurried                  D. doesn’t hurry

21. Would George be angry if I …… his bicycle without asking?

A. took                       B. take                                    C. had taken              D. would take

22. I …… you a postcard while I was on holiday if I …… your address.

      A. would have sent / had had                                 B. would have sent / had

C. would send / had                                     D. would send / had had

23. I’d have visited you if I …… you …… in hospital.

      A. had known / were                                                B. have known / were

C. had known / are                                       D. knew / had been

24. …… still my friend if I were put in prison?

      A. Would you be      B. Will you be                       C. Would you                        D. Would you are

25. If anybody …… a , please ask me after class.

A. has                         B. have                       C. don’t have            D. doesn’t have

26. If I weren’t working for an accounting firm, I …… in a bank.

      A. would be working           B. will work               C. have worked         D. work

27. “Can I borrow your car for this evening?”

“Sure, but Nora’s using it right now. If she …… it back in time, you’re welcome to borrow it.”

A. brings                    B. would bring          C. will bring              D. brought

28. We’re going to lose this game …… the team doesn’t start playing better soon.

A. if                            B. unless                    C. although                D. whereas

29. If I …… somebody else, I’d like to be a film star.

A. could be                B. would be               C. become                  D. must be

30. What …… if they …… tomorrow?

            A. will you do / don’t come                                    B. would you do / don’t come

            C. would you have done / won’t come     D. do you do / won’t come

31. He said, “…… watch TV all the evening if you wish.”

      A. You may               B. You have to          C. You need to          D. You should          

32. If he ……, please tell me.

            A. comes                    B. won’t come                       C. will come              D. come

33. If the earth …… move around the sun, everything …… floated.

            A. didn’t / would be                                     B. doesn’t / would be

            C. didn’t / will be                                         D. don’t / would be

34. If I …… that you were in hospital, I ……

            A. had known / would have visited                       B. had known / would visit

            C. knew / would visit                                               D. knew / would have visited

35. If he had taken my advice, he …… a rich man now.

            A. would be               B. would have been C. had been               D. were

36. Unless you …… smoking, you …… better.

            A. stop / won’t feel                                      B. stop / will feel     

            C. stopped / will feel                                                D. stopped / would feel

37. It is a beautiful house, and I …… it if I …… enough money, but I cannot afford it.

            A. would buy / had                                       B. will buy / have    

            C. would have bought / had had                D. shall buy / have

38. If you are right, I ….. wrong.

A. am                          B. will be                   C. would be               D. would have been

39. If I …… to the party last night, I …… tired now.

            A. had gone / would be                                B. had gone / would have been

            C. went / would be                                       D. went / would have been

40. Joe can’t hear ……. you shout.

A. unless                    B. if                             C. providing              D. whether

41. You can use my car …….you drive carefully.

A. as long as              B. whether                 C. until                       D. unless

42. You can smoke here …….you leave a windowopen to let the smoke out.

A. as long as              B. whether                 C. unless                    D. until

43. George won’t lend you any money …….you promise to pay him back.

A. unless                    B. providing              C. if                             D. as long as

44. I’m going now …… you want me to stay.

A. unless                    B. providing              C. provided               D. as long as

45. He said, “…… watch TV all the evening if you wish.”

      A. You may               B. You have to          C. You need to          D. You should          

46…… immediately, I will call a policeman.

      A. Unless you leave                                     B. If you leave

C. If you didn’t leave                                               D. Unless you left   

47. If Jake …… to go on the trip, would you have gone?

A. hadn’t agreed       B. didn’t agree                      C. doesn’t agree        D. wouldn’t agree

48. He would be happy if he …… here now.

      A. were                       B. already                  C. would be               D. be

49. If I could speak Spanish, I …… next year studying in Mexico.

A. would spend         B. would have spent C. had spent              D. will spend

50. If the weather …… fine, we will start early.

A. is                            B. be                           C. was                         D. will be


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