445 18/07/2019

1. Many U.S. automobiles --------------- in Detroit , Michigan.

A. manufacture                   B. have manufactured                     C.are manufactured             D.are manufacturing

2. I still can’t believe it ! My bicycle ----------- last night.

A. was stolen                                   B. was stealing                      C. stolen                                 D. stole

3. Let’s go ahead and do it now. Nothing ------------ by waiting.

A.will be accomplished     B. accomplished                   C. has accomplished                        D. accomplishes

4.” When ----------? “   - In 1928

A. penicillin was discovered                                            B. did penicillin discovered

C. was penicillin discovered                                                         D. did penicilin discover

5.  The rescuers ---------- for their bravery and fortitude in locating the lost mountain climbers.

A. were praised                   B. praised                              C. were praising                    D. praising

6. Vitamin C ---------- by the human body . It gets into the bloods stream quickly.

A. absorbs easily                B. is easily absorbing                      C. is easily absorbed                        D. absorbed easily

7. Renoir is one of the most popular French impressionist painters. His paintings ---------- masterpieces all over the world.

A. had considered               B. are considering                C. are considered                 D. consider

8. We can’t go along here because the road is ---------------.

A. been repaired                 B. being repaired                  C. repaired                             D. repairing

9. More than 50 films --------------- in HCMC since June

A. were shown                     B. had been shown               C. have been shown             D.have shown

10. George is --------------- Lisa.

A. marry with                      B. marry to                            C. married with                     D. married to

11. DNA tests ------------ accepted in our court cases.

A. are known                       B. were used                          C. have been                         D. will have

12. The child’s arm was swoolen because he -------- by a bee.

A. had being stung              B. had stung                          C. stung                                  D. had been stung.

13. Mr wilson is ----------- as Willie  to his friend.

A known                               B. knew                                  C. is known                           D. knowed

14. If you ----------- by the police for speeding , what would you do ?

A. stopped                            B. are stopped                                   C. was stopped                      D.were stopped

15. His car needs   ---------.

A. be fixed                           B. to be fixing                                   C. to be fixed                        D.fixed

16.  It ------------ that the strike will end soon.

A. is expected                      B. expected                           C. are expected                     D. was expected

17. These tennis courts don’t ----------- very often . Not many people want to play.

A. got used                           B. used                                   C. get used                             D. get use

18. Each word in our mental dictionaries ---------- with its unique sound and meaning.

A. must store                                   B. must be stored                  C. must is stored                   D. must to be stored

19. These instructions ----------- precisely.

A. must follow                     B. must followed                  C. must to be followed        D must be followed

20. Tuition and fees --------- if a student withdraws after the fifteenth day of the team.

A. not refunded                   B. will not be refunded        C. will be not refunded        D. will not refund

21. When I was a child , I ------------ by my parents.

A. used to punished                        B. use to be punished                      C. use to punish                    D. used to be punished

22.An international conference --------------- in Hanoi next week.

A. will held                          B. will be hold                                  C is going to hold                 D. will be held

23. The day of the meeting ------------------ again.

A. will change                     B. will be changed                C.will has to be changed     D.will have to change

24. Mary -----------  about our change in plans.

A. has told                            B. has just been told            C. has been just told                        D.had been just told.

25.These books ------------------------ back to the library.

A. should have given                     B should give                                    C. should have been given  D.must have given

26. The earth----------- to be flat.

A. believed                                      B. is believed                        C.was believed                     D. is considered

27.He is rumoured to --------------- on the way home.

A. have attacked                             B. be attacked                       C attacked                             D. have been attacked

28. The flight to Hanoi-------------- because of the bad weather.

A. can postpone                              B. will postpone       C.can be postponed             D. can be postpone

29. Had there been your presence, everything ----------------- carefully.

A. would have arranged      B. would have been arranged       C. would be arranged              D.will be arranged

30. A new hospital -----------------  in this area soon.

A. is going to build                                     B.is going to be build  C.is going to be built                    D. will build

31.Many species of rare animals --------------- seriously.

A. is endangered                             B. are in danger        C. are threaten                                  D. are threatened

32. The girl ----------------------- is now in hospital.

A. who injured in the accident                                         B. was injured in the accident.

C. who was injured in the accident                                              D. whom she injured.

33.The robbers attacked the police from behind.

A. The police was attacked from behind.                                   B. The police were attacked from behind.

C. The robbers were attacked from behind                                D. The robbers are attacked from behind

34. They have to hold the meeting in this narrow room.

A. The meeting had to be hold in this narrow room.                 B.The meeting has to be hold in this narrow room.

C.The meeting has to be holded in this narrow room   D. The meeting has to be held in this narrow room.

35. They showed his photograph on television.

A. On television they had his photograph shown.                     B. His photograph was shown on television.

C. His photograph is being shown on television                       D. The television was shown his photograph.

36. They began to build the bridge two months ago.   

A. The bridge was begun to build two months ago.                   B. The bridge was begun to be built two months ago.

C. The bridge began to build two months ago.               D. The bridge began to be built two months ago.

37. They saw him searching the truck.

A. He is seen searching the truck.                                                B. He is seen to search the truck.

C. He was seen searching the truck                                             D. He was being seen searching the truck.

38.His parents made him do it.

A. He was made do it.                                                        B. He was made to do it.

C. He made his parents to do it                                         D. His parents were made do it.

39. The barber has cut my hair.

A. My hair has already been cut now.                             B. I’ve got to have the barber cut my hair.

C.My hair has become shorter and shorter                                 D. I’ve had my hair cut.

40.People say that the American women are used to living independently means

A. It is said that the American women are used to living independently.

B.The American women are said to be used to living independently.

C.The American women are said they be used to live independently.

D.A & B are correct

41.People think that he was born in a rich family.

A. That is thought he was born in a rich family.                        B. He was thought to be born in a rich family.

C. That he was born in a rich family is thought.                        D. He is thought to have been born in a rich family.

42. It is impossible to do this work right now.

A. It is impossible for this work to be done right now. B.It is impossible for to be done this work right now.

C. This work is impossible to do right now.                               D. This work is impossible to be done

43. Close the windows of the room.

A. Let the windows of the room to be closed                 B. Let the windows of the room  be closed.

C. The windows of the room are closed.                         D. The windows of the room will be closed.

44. They said that the president had arrived in the city.

A. The president was said to have arrived in the city.  B. It is said that the president had arrived in the city.

C. The president was said to arrive in the city.              D. It was said that the president arrived in the city.

45. He expects that his father will come back home.

A. It was expected that his father will come back home.         B. His father was expected to be come back home.

C. His father will be expected to come back home.                  D. His father is expected to come back home.

46.Further tests / going / done / drug / soon

A. Further tests are going to done on the drug soon.     B. Further tests are going to do on the drug soon.

C.Further tests are going to be done on the drug soon. D. Further tests are going to be done the drug soon.

47. This book / ought/ read/ on the spot.

A. This book ought be read on the spot.                         B. This book ought to been read on the spot.

C.This book ought to be read on the spot                                   D. This book ought to have been read on the spot.

48.We / believe/ human life / can/ prolong / drug.

A. We believe that human life can prolong by the drug

B. We believe that human life can be prolonged by the drug.

C.We believe that human life could be prolonged by the drug.

D. We are believed that human life can be prolonged by the drug.

49. Our plan / might / cancel / due / lack of funds.

A. Our plan might be cancelled due to lack of funds.          B.Our plan might be cancel due to lack of fund

C. Our plan might cancelled due to lack of funds                     D. Our plan might cancel due to lack of funds.           

50. This car / need /  wash / before / I / use /  tomorrow.

 A.This car needs to washed before I use it tomorrow      B.This car needs to be washed before it is used tomorrow.

C. This car needs washing before it uses tomorrow.        DThis car needs to be washing before it is used tomorrow.






















































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