Bài tập về đại từ sở hữu trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

Bài tập về đại từ sở hữu trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

184 07/09/2019

Write the correct possessive pronoun for each sentence.

1. That book belongs to those kids. That book is _________________.


2. This bicycle belongs to my neighbor Bill. This bicycle is _________________.


3. This scarf belongs to my aunt Tina. This scarf is _____________.


4. This toy belongs to you. This toy is ______________.


5. This apartment belongs to me and my cousin. This apartment is _____________.


6. These mittens belong to my mother. These mittens are _____________.


7. Those cookies belong to my sister's friends. Those cookies are _______________.


8. These suitcases belong to you and your wife. These suitcases are ___________________.


9. That pillow belongs to me. That pillow is __________________.


10. That lamp belongs to my aunt and uncle. That lamp is _____________.


Complete the sentences with the words in the word list below.

her    hers    his     His   my     our    ours     their

The Mysterious Volkswagen

Last week, we had a party at ______1________ house. Many people came, and there were lots of cars parked outside. At the end of the party, only three people were left: myself, Eric, and Cathy. However, there were four cars. One of them was a Volkswagen. I didn't remember seeing it before, so I asked whose it was.

Eric said it wasn't ______2______ car. ______3_______ is a Chevrolet pickup. When I asked Cathy if it was _____4______, she said no - ____5___ car is a Ford Explorer. I knew it wasn't _______6______ car, of course. Finally, I called the police, and they came and examined it. They said it belonged to a family on the next street. Someone stole it from ______7______ street and left it on ______8______.

1. our

2. his

3. His

4. hers

5. her

6. my

7. their

8. ours



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