Bài tập Từ loại Tiếng Anh: Vị trí Tính từ

Bài tập Từ loại Tiếng Anh: Vị trí Tính từ

79 14/08/2019

Choose the best answer among A, B, C, D to complete each sentence:

1. It is cheap. It’s _____ (expensive)

A. expensive

B. unexpensive

C. inexpensive

D. expensively

2. Most of us would maintain that physical _____ does not play major part in how we react to the people we meet.

A. attract

B. attractive

C. attractiveness

D. attractively

3. The Internet is one of the most important _____ of our life.

A. invent

B. invention

C. inventing

D. inventions

4. The woman is carrying a(n) _____ bag.

A. large old green plastic

B. old large green plastic

C. old large plastic green

D. plastic old large green

5. Mrs. Pike was so angry that she made a _____ gesture at the driver.

A. rude

B. rudeness

C. rudely

D. rudest

6. WHO’s main activities are carrying out research on medical _____ and improving international health care.

A. develop

B. developing

C. development

D. develops

7. We bought some_____ glasses.

A. German lovely old

B. old lovely German

C. lovely old German

D. German old lovely

8. We saw _____ girls there.

A. beauty

B. beautiful

C. beautifully

D. Beautify

9. She is a _____ girl.

A. communicate

B. communicative

C. communication

D. communications

10. The elderly person whose family moves to a new city may find it _____ to make friends of similar age.

A. particularly hard

B. particular, hard

C. hardly particular

D. hard, particularly

11. Everyone has their _____ which are hardly recognized by themselves.

A. limit

B. limited

C. limitation

D. limitations

12. In the kitchen there is a _____ table.

A. beautiful large round wooden

B. large beautiful wooden round

C. wooden round large beautiful

D. round large wooden beautiful

13. Since her _____ the room has been full of laughter.

A. arrival

B. arrive

C. arriver

D. arriveness

14. Visitors to the local museum are mostly attracted by _____ rocking chair.

A. an old wooden European beautiful

B. a beautiful old European wooden

C. an old beautiful wooden European

D. a wooden old beautiful European

15. We need further _____

A. inform

B. information

C. informal

D. informative

16. After the new technique had been introduced, the factory produced _____ cars in 2014 as the year before.

A. as many twice

B. twice as many

C. as twice many

D. twice many as

17. Indiana University, one of the largest in the nation, is located in a _____ town.

A. small beautiful Midwestern

B. beautiful Midwestern small

C. Midwestern beautiful small

D. beautiful small Midwestern

18. Jack’s father bought him a(n) _____ bike as a birthday gift.

A. blue Japanese expensive

B. expensive Japanese blue

C. Japanese expensive blue

D. expensive blue Japanese

19. Her husband bought her _____ when he went on holiday in Singapore last week.

A. a beautiful silk yellow scarf

B. a beautiful yellow silky scarf

C. a beautiful yellow scarf silk

D. a beautiful yellow silk scarf

20. This is a picture of a _____ bus.

A. red bright London

B. bright red London

C. London bright red

D. London red bright

21. It is really an _____.

A. undergraduate interesting economics course

B. economics course interesting undergraduate

C. interesting economics undergraduate course

D. interesting undergraduate economics course

22. It is a _____.

A. polyester sleeping blue bag

B. blue sleeping polyester bag

C. blue polyester sleeping bag

D. sleeping blue polyester bag

23. He used all his _____ to force the door open.

A. strong

B. strengths

C. strength

D. strengthen

24. Fruits’ festival in Suoi Tien Park is a very _____ activity.

A. joy

B. joyous

C. joyful

D. B&C

25. It’s her _____ obligation to tell the police what she knows.

A. immoral

B. moral

C. morality

D. morally

26. This plant’s _____ is high, so it attracts a lot of investment.

A. production

B. productivity

C. products

D. produce

27. She sent me a _____ letter thanking me for my invitation.

A. polite

B. politely

C. politeness

D. impoliteness

28. There used to be _____ in this area but now, they are all demolished.

A. tow factories big

B. two big factories

C. big two factories

D. big factories two

29. They had a _____ candlelit dinner last night and she accepted his proposal of marriage.

A. romance

B. romantic

C. romantically

D. romanticize

30. Most psychologists agree that the basic structure of an individual’s personality is _____.

A. by the age of five it is quite well established

B. quite well established by the age of five

C. well established quite by the age of five

D. by the age of five and quite well established



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