ĐỀ 28-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

ĐỀ 28-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

116 29/10/2018

ĐỀ 28-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho tiếng anh

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others:

1.                  A. technology                          B. computer                               C. newspaper                              D. miraculous

2.                  A. entertain                              B. communicate                       C. receive                                      D. complain

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

3.                  A. town                                      B. how                                          C. bowl                                           D. mouse

4.                  A. weight                                   B. height                                      C. neighbour                                D. afraid

Choose the part of the sentences that needs correcting:

5.        He stopped to smoke because cigarettes are harmful to his health.

                A. stopped to smoke            B. are                                            C. to                                                 D. health

6.        When I arrived at the station, the train has already left, so I had to wait for the next train.

                A. had to wait                          B. arrived                                     C. has already left                       D. When

7.        Graham told Jane that he would see her tomorrow.

                A. see                                         B. told                                           C. tomorrow                                 D. he

8.        My younger brother has worked in a bank since a long time.

                A. since                                      B. has                                            C. a                                                   D. younger

Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D:

9.        Without the Braille Alphabet it would be very difficult for________.

                A. the deaf                                B. the blind                                 C. disabled                                    D. the mute

10.    Mary: "Would you like something to eat?" -Tom: "________I'm not hungry now."

                A. Yes, It is.                               B. Yes, I would.                          C. No, problem.                           D. No, thanks.

11.    Ann ________to work, but now she doesn't.

                A. used to cycling                    B. is used to cycling                  C. use to cycle                              D. used to cycle

12.    I will give your regards to her ________I meet her tomorrow.

                A. while                                      B. when                                       C. even if                                        D. if

13.    He got bad marks ________his laziness.

                A. because                                B. because of                             C. in spite of                                 D. although

14.    Hung: "Thank you very much for a lovely party." -Hoa: "________"

                A. Thanks                                  B. Have a good time                C. Cheers                                       D. You are welcome

15.    Instead of ________a new car, she'll have her old one________.

                A. buying/ repaired               B. to buy/ repaired                  C. buying/ to repair                    D. buying/ be repaired

16.    A computer is a ________typewriter which allows you to type and print any kind of document.

                A. magically                              B. magical                                    C. magician                                    D. magic

17.    Nga: "________do you go shopping?" -Minh: "Once a week."

                A. How much                           B. How often                             C. How long                                  D. When

18.    Many interesting films ________on TV recently.

                A. have been shown             B. are shown                              C. showed                                     D. have shown

19.    If you ________your homework, I ________you watch TV.

                A. don't do/ won't let           B. won't do/ let                         C. did/ won't let                          D. won't do/ don't let

20.    ________the moon last night?

                A. Do you see                          B. Was you seeing                   C. Have you seen                        D. Did you see

21.    The chemistry book ________was a little expensive.

                A. that I bought it                   B. I bought that                         C. that I bought                           D. what I bought

22.    ________provides information and entertainment orally.

                A. Radio                                     B. Newspapers                         C. Books                                         D. Magazines

23.    Lan: "Are you American?" -John: "________"

                A. Sorry.                                     B. Pardon?                                  C. Excuse me?                              D. Yes?

24.    A ________has climbed Mount Whitney in California for the twenty third time.

                A. ninety year old - woman B. ninety- years- old woman

                C. ninety- year- olds woman                                                      D. ninety- year- old woman

25.    What programme is ________VTV3 ________7:00?

                A. in/ in                                      B. on/ at                                       C. at/ in                                           D. on/ on

26.    Mary will tell her mother the truth when she ________back.

                A. would come                        B. comes                                      C. will come                                  D. will have come

27.    He passed the final examination with flying colors, ________made his parents pleased.

                A. that                                        B. who                                          C. whom                                        D. which

28.    Marie Curie was the first woman ________a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne.

                A. to receive                            B. was received                        C. receive                                      D. received

Choose the best answer or the sentence whose meaning is the same as the given one:

29.    A new hospital for children has been built in our city.

                A. They will have built a new hospital for children in our city.

                B. They have to build a new hospital for children in our city.

                C. They have built a new hospital for children in our city.                                                       

                D. They have been built a new hospital for children in our city.

30.    I haven't been to the cinema for two months.

                A. I didn't go to the cinema until was two months ago.

                B. I didn't go to the cinema for two months ago.

                C. The first time I went to the cinema was two months ago.                                                  

                D. The last time I went to the cinema was two months ago.

31.    Tom said that________.

                A. Lan has bought a new car.                                                     B. Lan will buy a new car.       

                C. Lan buys a new car.                                                                  D. Lan had bought a new car.

32.    We will go fishing if________.

                A. we had free time.             B. it is fine.                                  C. it was fine.                               D. we will be free.

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer:

Personal computers, or PCs, are an important part of our everyday lives. Many people cannot imagine life without them. One of the most important people in making these machines work is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Washington State. He grew up in a rich family. His parents sent him to a private school. There he met his business partner, Paul Allen. When they were in the eighth grade, they were writing programs for business computers and making money.

In 1973, Gates was accepted at Harvard University. His parents were happy. They thought he would get over his obsession with computer and became a lawyer like his father. Two years later, Gates dropped out of Harvard to work on a computer program with his friend Allen. They worked eighteen hours a day in a dormitory room at Harvard. They were writing the program that would run one of the first personal computers. In 1975, they created a company called Microsoft to sell their product. (obsession: nổi ám ảnh)

Allen became ill with cancer and left Microsoft in 1983. He recovered a few years later and started his own company. Meanwhile, Microsoft became a giant company. By 1990, at the age of thirty - four, Gates was the youngest billionaire in the history of the United States. He was the “King of Software”. He achieved his success with a lot of hard work. For more than ten years, he worked sixteen- hours days, seven days a week. He had a dream and the will to succeed. By 1997, he was the richest man in the United States.

33.    How old was Bill Gates when he became the richest man in the United States?

                A. 44                                            B. 51                                              C. 42                                                D. 34             

34.    According to the writer, ________.

                A. Bill Gates invented personal computers.

                B. Bill Gates is the most important people in computer science.

                C. people cannot live without personal computers.

                D. computers play an important part of our lives.

35.    The words “dropped out of “in line 7 mean ________.

                A. graduated from                 B. took part in                            C. stopped taking class at.       D. got over

36.    According to the passage, ________.

                A. Paul Allen left Microsoft because he wanted to start his own company.

                B. Bill Gates met his business partner at Harvard.

                C. Bill Gate's parents wanted him to become a computer programmer.

                D. Bill Gates and Paul Allen created Microsoft because they want to sell their program for personal computers.

Choose A, B, C or D that best completes the passage below:

Sue (37)______reading and often borrows books in the local library (38)______is near her house. She goes to the library to change her books every evening. The library is open until 8 pm.

     The library is (39)______to everybody in the town. No one has to pay to borrow books. But if readers keep books for too long, they have to pay a fine. Sue's children have been encouraged to read books (40)______they were very young. They often change their books on Saturday morning. They all love reading.

37.              A. loves                                      B. will love                                  C. is loving                                     D. has loved

38.              A. which                                     B. what                                         C. where                                        D. when

39.              A. freeing                                  B. free                                          C. freedom                                   D. freely

40.              A. during                                    B. for                                             C. since                                           D. while




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