ĐỀ 23-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

ĐỀ 23-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

115 29/10/2018

 ĐỀ 23-TIẾNG ANH 10-ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II- có đáp án

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho tiếng anh

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

1.                  A. opposition                          B. romantic                                    C. information                              D. demonstration

2.                  A. destination                        B. beautifully                                 C. blackboard                                D. passion

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

3.                  A. put                                        B. foot                                              C. should                                        D. communicate

4.                  A. house                                   B. would                                          C. proud                                          D. cloud

5.                  A. bird                                       B. church                                         C. shirt                                             D. pagoda

6.                  A. dedicated                           B. repeated                                   C. struggled                                   D. landed

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence.

7.         I__________to school yesterday.

                A. go                                          B. gone                                            C. didn’t went                               D. didn’t go

8.         He__________in hospital for a week so far.

                A. was                                        B. has been                                    C. had been                                   D. would be

9.         There’s someone at the door. I __________it.

                A. will answer                        B. am answering                          C. answer                                       D. answered

10.     “__________” means “unable to see anything”

                A. Disabled                              B. Retarded                                   C. Deaf                                            D. Blind

11.     Unless you __________all my questions, I can’t do anything to help you.

                A. would answer                   B. answer                                       C. answered                                  D. are answering

12.      “__________” does not belong to “computer”.

                A. Radio                                    B. Keyboard                                   C. Software                                   D. CPU

13.      ‘Why did you buy all this sugar and chocolate?’ ‘I ________a delicious dessert for dinner tonight.’

                A. will make                            B. make                                           C. will have make                        D. am going to make

14.     Can you help me find the man__________saved the girl?

                A. which                                    B. whom                                          C. who                                             D. whose

15.      ‘__________do you go to the library?’ –‘ Twice a week’.

                A. How                                      B. How often                                 C. How long                                   D. How much

16.     They used to__________ good friends when they were young.

                A. being                                    B. are                                                C. be                                                 D. were

17.     More than 50 films __________in Hanoi since June.

                A. has shown                          B. has been showed                   C. have been shown                  D. are shown

18.     If Mary __________me, I will go to the party.

                A. invite                                    B. invites                                         C. inviting                                       D. invited

19.     The man __________you visited last night is a famous scientist.

                A. whom                                  B. what                                            C. whose                                        D. which

20.     Now Peter has got a new house. He __________in an old one.

                A. use to live                           B. use to lived                               C. used to living                            D. used to live

21.     __________his homework yet?

                A. Does he do                         B. Has he done                             C. Did he do                                   D. Have he done

22.     I enjoy__________to the radio while I am driving.

                A. hearing                                B. watching                                    C. seeing                                         D. listening

23.     __________the heavy rain, I couldn’t be at home before eight.

                A. Because of                         B. Because                                     C. Although                                   D. Despite

24.     I look forward to __________from you as soon as possible.

                A. listening                              B. hear                                             C. hearing                                       D. listen

25.     The alarm goes __________at 6 o’clock and Nam starts a new day.

                A. off                                         B. in                                                   C. on                                                 D. of

26.     Linda: “I’ve passed my driving test.”               Mr. Johnson: “__________”

                A. Congratulations!              B. That’s good idea!                    C. Thank you                                 D. I don’t think so

27.     Peter: “Have a nice weekend!”         Mary: “Thank you. __________”

                A. Yes, I’d love to                  B. Same to you                             C. The same to you                     D. The same with you

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

28.     Nobody has seen her children at the station.

                A. Her children hasn’t been seen at the station                   B. Her children haven’t been seen at the station.

                C. Her children have been seen at the station.                     D. Her children haven’t seen at the station

29.     She started cooking dinner 2 hours ago.

                A. She cooked dinner for 2 hours.                                             B. She has been cooking dinner for 2 hours.

                C. She has cooked dinner since 2 hours                                   D. She is going to cook dinner for 2 hours.

30.     They still went swimming in spite of the cold weather.

                A. Because they still went swimming, the weather was cold.

                B. Despite of the cold weather, they still went swimming.

                C. Although the weather was cold, they still went swimming.

                D. They still went swimming even though the weather is cold.

31.     My roommate has never been on the Internet. She comes from Ha Noi

                A. My roommate, that comes from Ha Noi, has never been on the Internet.

                B. My roommate whom comes from Ha Noi has never been on the Internet.

                C. My roommate, which comes from Ha Noi, has never been on the Internet.

                D. My roommate, who comes from Ha Noi, has never been on the Internet.

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer

Last December, our Geography teacher, Mrs. Taylor, took us to Yorkshire on a school trip. We left Liverpool at 8.00 a.m. on Saturday morning and finally arrived in York at 11.00 p.m. then it started to rain…We woke up early on Sunday morning and looked outside. There was water everywhere. We went downstairs for breakfast, but the kitchen in the hostel was flooded. Sunday afternoon was terrible too. Two girls hired bikes and rode into the center of the city. But what did they do? They stole some sweets from the shop. So then the police came! Mrs. Taylor was furious. We returned to Liverpool on Sunday evening. We were cold, wet and tired. Never again!

32.     How long did the journey take?

                A. 3 hours                                      B. 4 hours                                         C. 15 hours                                    D. 2 days

33.     What was the weather like?

                A. It was hot and humid           B. It was sunny                               C. It was rainy                               D. It was snowy

34.     Who is the author?

                A. a teacher                                   B. a student                                     C. a tourist                                     D. a police officer

35.     They stayed in Yorkshire for ____________ .

                A. two days                                    B. three days                                   C. one week                                  D. two weeks

36.     Their school trip was ____________ .

                A. great                                           B. terrible                                         C. wonderful                                 D. exciting

Choose the underlined word that needs correcting.

37.     My brother stopped to smoke because it’s harmful to his health.

                                                                   A                B                             C                      D

38.     Jane couldn’t come to my party, that made me feel sad.

                                    A                                                  B                   C       D

39.     They wanted stay at home to watch TV in the evening.

                                             A             B                C                                   D

40.     We used to going fishing on this river when we were small children.

                        A                         B                            C                                         D

------THE END------


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